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Discover our resources for overcoming personal issues that have hindered your success.  Achievement inspired offers a variety of personal programs.  Select from prepackaged and customized for your need.

Activate Your Plan

Coaching programs are individually designed and carried out in a personal relationship designed to bring your plans to life.  Coaching with Achievement Inspired offer advantages that cannot be offered by others due to our wide group of coaching resources.

Find Peace in Your Life

Life has thrown defeat, troubles and heartbreak into your path. Know that God did not intend for you to live a life of less or defeat. Call us today to begin your journey of reclaiming the life you were meant to have.

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Meet Robert

Robert Conger is founder of Achievement Inspired and key developer of programs and products. He brings decades of experience in business, one-to-one counseling, group training and a genuine concern for those with whom he has the privilege to work.

  • Licensed Christian Counselor
  • Ordained Minister
  • Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistics
  • Certified Consulting Hypnotist by the National Guild of Hypnotist
  • 5-PATH Certified in Transformational Hypnosis
  • Co-Trainer with Smart Marketing Coaching
  • Master Certified in Time Line Therapy
  • Temperament Counselor
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified in Pain Management Hypo-Anesthesia
  • 28 year history as the founder, owner and operator of a large service business
  • … and more.

Find out more about who Robert is and his extensive track record. Connect with him and together begin to co-create your greatness.

Robert Conger

Christian Counseling with a Licensed Pastoral Counselor 

We offer Biblically based counseling for individuals seeking to resolve issues in their life, but wanting to know that there is true God centered love at the heart and soul of the guidance received. We believe there is one true God, that the Bible is the devine and inspired word of God that is never failing and forever true and that Jesus Christ died for our sins.  Our Christian Counseling is Bible based as the root of everything we do and all our practices are committed to be in line with the living word of God.  

Life Benefits Through Hypnosis

Hypnosis is perhaps the most misrepresented, misunderstood yet dynamic tool for making rapid permanent change that has ever been discovered.  Counseling hypnosis is a planned program for discovery and emotional strengthening that can be applied as a stand-alone process, or as a support method for other therapies.


Success In Life

Overcome the limitations and issues that have limited your life.  Relationships, abuse, addictions, fears and more can find solutions.

Overcome Negative Emotions

Discover the key to life limiting emotions and be set free.  Replace sadness with joy. Find release from obsessive behaviors. Escape from a life of guilt. Enjoy the life you were meant to live.


Medical Issues

With a referral from your physician, hypnosis promotes rapid healing, can assist the body to better respond to medical treatment and so much more.  Hypnosis has long been recognized by both the American and British Board of Medicine for its value.

Overcoming Addictions

Whether it is smoking, overeating, gambling or chemicals; the success of hypnosis in giving deterrent based addictions is unprecedented. Gain control over bad habits instead of letting the habits control you.


Give Up Fear

False Evidence Appearing Real? When it is your fear it somehow seems more than false.  Isn’t it time to put fear out of your life.  Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of death, fear of injury, fear of flying, fear of Dentist, the list can be endless – but the solution is simple.

Pain Management

When medical science has gone as far as it can go, is there relief without drugs?  We say yes!.  Working closely with your medical provider, hypnosis is without equal as an alternative medicine way to alleviating chronic pain.


Psychoanalysis Success rate after 600 sessions.


Behavioral Therapy Success rate after 22 Sessions


Hypnosis Success Rate after 6 Sessions

American Health Magazine (Issue: August 2006)


Do you want a Life Coach that just follows a set of coaching tips, or one that helps you discover your limitations then helps you solve them? 

Remember there is a wide difference between those that tell you what you should do, and the one that can actually assist you in developing the habits and mindset to accomplish your desires.  Discover why 90% of professional organizations surveyed use professional coaching services.