Getting Your Treating Physicians Referral

Counseling work is always considered supportive and complementary to other forms of treatment.  The importance of this understanding is that your physician is the ranking authority for your healthcare if you are seeing someone for a specific issue for which you seek counseling or hypnosis work. This would apply especially if there is another mental health professional involved in your care. For these reasons, it is mandatory that we at Achievement Inspired receive a referral or approval from your primary attending physician before starting any counseling work. You are of course open to receiving Christian Counseling for any reason that you may desire and this type of service does not require a professional referral. The need for this approval more so involves hypnosis work. Although there is nothing that would ever happen in your counseling that would interfere with any medical treatment, the respect is given to the attending physician because they are the one guiding your recovery.

Examples of such necessary referrals:

If you are seeking Counseling for:

  A Doctor release will be needed if you are:
Hypnosis for pain relief Seeing a physician for ANY form of injury or ailment that is causing the pain
Hypnosis for medical conditions such as digestive, cancer, headaches, or any malady Seeing a physician for the same medical treatments.
Hypnosis or counseling for depression Seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist for any mental condition
Hypnosis or counseling for addiction Seeing a mental and/or medical professional for the same purpose

Although the above list is not inclusive, the precedent is plain that any prior diagnosis and treatment you are undergoing with a medical professional would necessitate a release before receiving care from Achievement Inspired.

The link below offers a downloadable form which can be printed for delivery to your healthcare professional.  The form can even be filled out online with the exception of the doctor signature.  In like manner it can be emailed to your professional for them to complete and transmit back to you or our office.

Please note on the form is a location for the medical professional to request feedback to them as to the success of your work with us.  Please note that your presentation of this form back to us, with your doctor’s request included, gives your authorization for us to report back.  This would need to be a mutual agreement between you and your provider for us to continue service.

View, download, fill-in and/or print your Medical Professional Sanction Form here.  After your being signed by your Medical Professional, return the form to Achievement Inspired by personal delivery so that the original document is on file in our office.