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Why a Life Coach?

The action of partnering with a life coach is about taking your life to the next level.  A properly selected life coach becomes the partner that can normally not be found in our day to day lives.  A life coach is a professional who helps you reach a goal or make a change in your life.  Your coach is there to assist in bringing clarity to your outcomes, serve as a motivator providing inspiration when needed, a strategist to assist in maintaining focus and an accountability partner.

Because of the professional relationship, your benefit comes from communicating and planning with someone that is dedicated to your outcome and yours alone.  Unlike personal relationships that can become entwined with the events of life, a coach is about your direction only.  Your coach is not there to let you whine, find excuses or just make conversation.  He (or she) is there to keep you on track for the direction you have chosen.

What Does a Life Coach Do?  

The tasks of the coach is both broad but simple.  First is to assist in identifying the goal or goals.  This alone is one of the hardest things to do when trying to make a change and get started on something new.  A life coach is your partner to discuss and interpret your dreams and ideas, organize items that may not seem clear and direct you toward your passion.

You may have an idea of what you want, but making it a solid outcome that you can work toward is what your life coach does best.

After solidifying those goals, the next step is achieving the outcome.  Your coach is there to assist you in getting from where you are in life to where you want to go.  A person that supports you, holds you accountable to your vision for yourself, and motivates you through even the times of doubt or concern.

Whatever come along to stop you, your coach is there to help you through it.

A life coach is the one that helps pinpoint obstacles that may cause you to feel “stuck” and assist you in moving beyond or through them.  As a catalyst for your life, the coach is your change facilitator.

The time for a life coach is when you have are ready to make a change and may need help in making that decision and identifying the steps to carry the decision to fruition.  It is the time when you need someone to give you validation of your outcome once the decisions are made, and give you permission to follow that dream objectively.

Your life coach is someone separate from your personal life that can truly look at your ideas and goals objectively, then assist you in making your big move.

Why Robert Conger and Achievement Inspired?

Two words, experience and resources.  Seem too simple?  Think again.  Do you want to be coached through business by someone that has never had a successful business?  Wait!  There is more that is rarely thought of.  Do you want to be coached through business by someone that has never failed at one?  First response may be yes, but think again!  Does someone that has never failed know how to recognize when things are going the wrong way and time to take a different action?  It’s about want thing, do you want to succeed or not?

The same type of things apply to other areas of life.  To be properly guided, there must be a balance of both sides, what works and what doesn’t work.  And the range of experience needs to go outside just the area of the goal itself, because every thing you do – affects everything else in your life.  Relationships, health, career, finances, and even fun.  They are all connected and must all be considered to truly be successful.

Robert has founded, operated and succeeded in several businesses. And yes, even failed at one.  Relationships, overcoming personal obstacles, doing the impossible, and experiencing life; he has been through the circle – and the fire.  But wisdom and determination has always proven triumphant.

Oh, the resources.  The majority of the life coaches in the world may be there to encourage, strategize, plan and communicate with you, but what do they do when you meet a real obstacle – life yourself?  What happens when limiting beliefs show.  What happens with the ability to mentally focus on the goal is a struggle?  What happens when fears come into play?  Many fall short at this time.

Be sure and check out who and what Robert is in the “Why Us” section of this site.  With years of experience in counseling, training, interactive psychologies and relationships; resources is bountiful with Achievement Inspired and Robert Conger.

Where is the button?

This is where is starts.  What a Life Coach is not; is a person that will do if for you.  They are not in your life to be your best friend or beg you to act. They may be demanding and hard on you sometimes because their focus is for your success.  So……. there is no ‘buy now’ button or a ‘let me in’ tag.  There is solid contact information via email and phone to speak to someone that can interview you finding if you are ready to go forward. 

Know that when you take that step, life is about to change for your better.



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