At our office you should expect the greatest care and concern for the changes you wish to make.

You may also expect to be met with the greatest of respect. It is normally the first visit that has the most curiosity and concern.  Here are some of the things you may expect.

With each type of counseling that we offer, your wishes will be honored. First it is important that you understand our procedures when you visit. To understand the differences in the types of services we offer please see our Services and Rates Page

On your first visit we will need some initial paperwork completed of course.  The information in this case will be to assist you in making the changes you want to make.  The information sheets will be interested in what outcome you want and some history behind what you think caused the situation in life.

There may be some additional questionnaires that are designed to provide insight to who you are – for your own information.  We make use of the APS Profile (Arno Profile System).  This information piece is a creation of the National Christian Counseling Association.  Its basis is that God creates each of us with some particular strengths and weaknesses.  This knowledge helps you make adaptions in life to relieve problem areas.

There will be a brief interview time so that you can communicate to the counselor the concerns and areas of life you would like to focus on. At this time there may be interview questions about the history behind the behavior or circumstance and insights you may have to its beginning and role in your life.

In our office all your visits, information provided and topics discussed are held in strict confidence. You may review our privacy policy for more information.

For our hypnosis clients you will be provided a brief video, either prior to or during your first visit, giving a description of what hypnosis actually is and why it is effective. There will also be a time after for to provide any additional information you may want to know or be curious about as well as answer any additional questions the information piece may not have provided you.

In addition to interview, possible questionnaires and information; for our hypnosis clients there will be an introductory hypnosis session to provide an experience for those that may not have had that opportunity before.

Recording of sessions are done both in video and in audio.  This process is both for your protection and ours. The recordings are not for distribution and providing them are not a part of your visit pricing.  The recording are historical office data and are not individually separated as you a particular person or session. The files are only to provide a history that you were and are safe at all times and only information that is to your benefit will ever be given to an individual. Should you desire a copy of the recording(s) in either video or only audio for any reason there will be an additional charge to extract only your session and provide a media format for your use. Extraction of the media at this writing is at a rate of $150 per hour for search and preparation plus the cost of any media format needed.

Each follow up session will begin with a brief inquiry about changes and improvements you may have noticed since your last visit.  If at any time you do not feel as though you are getting continued benefit, please let your counselor know at that time.