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With 5-PATH Advance Hypnosis techniques we resolve the basis to stress and anxiety and create joy for the future.

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God’s word offers a life of joy and peace with instruction on how to achieve it.  Christian Counseling applies the Word to life.

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When people feel stressed by something going on in their world, their bodies react by releasing chemicals into the blood. If their stress is caused by the threat of physical danger, these chemicals can give people more energy and strength which can be a good thing.  But if their stress is in response to something emotional and there is no outlet for this extra energy and strength, this can also be a bad thing.

Overcome Survival Stress - The response to danger.

Overcome Internal Stress - The worrying about things you can do nothing about or worrying for no reason at all.

Overcome Environmental Stress - The stress of noise, crowding, and pressure from work or family.

Overcome Fatigue and Overwork - The stress that builds up over time.

Overcome Panic & Anxiety Attacks - Sudden episode of intense fear or anxiety.

Temperament Analysis

Learn who you really are and how it plays a role in your stress.

Emotional Mind Mending

Using emotional time relationship techniques, emotions can be released and mended in moments.

NLP Techniques

The language of the nervous system is at the root of all our behavoir. And a method of change.

Smart Goal Techniques.

Why do goals fail? No one knows how to properly do it. Stress comes from failed goals. Learn the proper way.


The conscious mind takes in signals from life all around us. These signals involve news, music, relationships, jobs, weather and more. We also take in signals from our own body like pain, tensions, and digestion issues to name a few.  As all these signal bombard our minds the conscious mind attempts to apply logic to all these signals.

While the conscious mind deals with reasoning and conscious activity, the subconscious mind still provides the greatest influence on our life. It receives all the messages from our spiritual and genetic background, our social environment as well as the disturbances and conflicts that come into the conscious awareness daily.  The subconscious mind neither accepts nor rejects the messages, leaving the evaluation to the conscious mind.

With all this seemingly perfect mind assignments, there is still the inherent primitive, animal instincts called “Fight or Flight”. When severely threatening circumstances exist, the mind will regress to that primitive behavior as a means of dealing with fears, attacks, threats and other disturbances. Through development the mind has added the emotions of repression versus sadness and reaction versus action. Without these, when the messages to the mind reach overload, the escape would be in the direction of denial of reality. Since we live in a social world, we are motivated to cope with and adapt to reality.


When the conscious mind can no longer handle the messages from its environment and overloads the mind, the subconscious prepares for fight or flight.  Blood pressure rises, the heart beats harder all so the body can generate greater strength. The problem is often the “messages” are perceived and there is nothing to fight. A bad decision, a job even an accident, there is nothing to fight in a physical sense.

With nothing to “fight”, the reaction turns to the alternative of flight, which is impossible in present day life. Instead the mind creates a state of sadness, apathy or a feeling of hyper-suggestibility. Negative feelings are accepted and the overreaction yields futility and melancholy thoughts. We become more tolerant to the feelings and life begins to go downhill.

It’s like trying to maintain an orchestra where the horn section drops a measure behind trying to calculate what the wind section is doing. The drummer misses a beat out of confusion which causes the string section to change their rhythm. The conductor is waving his arm to yet a different rhythm. Finally the entire orchestra gives up and stops playing because no one knows what is going on.

An individual going through continued stress becomes a similar “out of beat” process and in the frenzy of trying to “do the right thing” feels like it is all wrong. Stress related illnesses can develop resulting in amplified emotional states. The result may be debilitating anger, grief, sadness and negative behavior like excessive smoking, overeating or addictions.

How Does Stress Start

Why – and how – can some people deal well with life challenges while others seem to be under constant attack? Personality types play a role, such as the hyper-competitive Type A. Often they are addicted to stress, that is until it gets out of control. For them, they learn stress early in life from parents, relatives, teachers and others. This personality sees stress as a normal part of life; something they see all the time.

Fears, real or imagined, lead to symptoms of stress. Continued emotions can grow into full body fears and the resulting psychiatric disorders. Long term repressed emotions like hurt, grief, anger as well as health issues such as unrelenting pain or health situation worries are all factors. Other specific events can also frequently be involved, such as a fear of public speaking triggered by job requirements to speak before groups.

Life itself continues to contribute; medical conditions, children and family, dietary problems, environmental things like noise, inability to sleep and so much more – all adding to stress levels.

Everyone has different tolerance levels and coping abilities. Dealing with stress is not a “do it alone” process.  It is best accomplished with the aid of a trained professional who can determine cause and evaluate reactions. Hypnosis can bring about the permanent relief and necessary desensitization.


A trained counseling hypnotist, like Achievement Inspired, has the skills to discover the past factors and current events that lie at the base of stress and anxiety. Discovery is then followed by an altering of the client’s perception and reaction to the events. Through hypnosis, positive new responses can be created to replace the past devastating reactions. Feelings that may be well below the conscious mind can be discovered and released. New responses to old disturbances, attitudes and reactions can be reduced and changed.

Isn't It Time?

A personally designed program of clinical hypnosis provides an easy and comfortable method of remedy.  Through the dynamics of hypnosis, you can accomplish new comfort levels and create a joyous, peaceful life in place of the devastating feelings of the past.

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