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Welcome to The Conger Method and prepare yourself for an awareness and awakening not previously considered.  What makes this method different than anything you have experienced or been a part of before is its unique way of applying individuality to each person’s life change experience.

As a person desires to make changes in life, many consideration points come into play.  Often these consideration points are not abandoned as they do not lend to a ‘one method fits all’ mentality.  This leaves balance out of the equation.  Consider that true ‘life’ changes are indeed proportional across a person’s entire life.  At that recognition alone, it seems feasible that all areas should be considered.

The Conger Method is a concise review and approach to individual growth and needs.  It starts with a detailed interview and intake process, continues with joint planning for outcome, then takes up the process with both individual sessions, recorded material for playback, follow-up processes by the individual.  Obviously not a “order now and download” process; but – it is not designed to be.  The Conger Method is designed to make unequaled change in a person’s life.

The method takes into consideration the many processes that we activate and use in our lives.  And determines what of those areas and processes need focus to accomplish the desired outcome.  Not just the “what do you want”.  The CM then reviews and applies the processes to make it happen by delving into:

  • A person’s earthborn temperament
  • How he/she processes the world around them
  • Strategies for habitual behavior
  • Internal language patterns
  • Internal filing criteria
  • Outcome purpose
  • How time is processed
  • Reflective Reframing
  • Self-discipline criteria
  • Physical issues and their role in thought
  • Areas of life considerations
  • And many more.

Of course it still will go toward and after the “what do you want” outcome, but even that will be prepared to the point of absolute certainty and outcome understanding.

We do it all!

So where do I order?!

Sorry, it is more precise than that.  To begin your life change now is about setting up a free initial consultation.  The brief conversation will be designed to get the summary of our outcome and provide a time for your questions to be answered.  Pricing will be based on the segments of the CM and an evaluation as to timing involved.  With your agreement to continue and financial commitment, the scheduling of calls and events begin to take place.

Provide your information below and expect a reply within 48 hours.

By the way, congratulations on making the best step of your life!

Conger Method Interview

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