What is and Why do Christian Counseling?

Robert Conger is an Ordained Minister and a Certified Temperament Counselor.

Robert believes there is but one God and that the way to eternity with Him is through Jesus Christ our savior.  He believes that the Bible is the true word of God and is at the basis to how we are to live our life. He also believes that we were born into a sinful life and through that we all, in some form, have made bad choices.

The one unique and even wonderful part of salvation is that God gives us a choice. Our lives are made up of a series of experiences and more so a series of perceptions about those experiences. Choices made with incorrect information can and does lead us to not only make bad decisions, but take bad actions as well. That choice is called freewill. God will not cross our freewill so it has to be a decision by us.  Jesus is in the forgiveness “business”, but the request and change of lifestyle has to come from us as well.

Christian Counseling is about assisting a person to learn who they are and create a way to alter beliefs and actions – or freewill. Through this process they can receive the benefits of earthly and eternal life by getting to the root of actions and changing their freewill decisions, thus allowing Christ more deeply into their lives.

So where do the ‘freewill decisions’ come from?

Robert’s belief says it is all those things in life that have defeated us at some time or another.  The divorce, loss of a loved one, abuse, attack, failures…. the list continues.  Those events form perceptions of what ‘life’ has done to us and in defense, the actions we have taken to counter them.

Temperament Therapy is a dynamic first step to Christian Counseling.  The APS (Arno Profile System) is in place through the National Christian Counselor’s Association.  It operates with the belief that God made us each individually in our own specific design. If we are not aware of “who we are”, or not understanding and using are our strengths and weaknesses properly, then life can get out of hand. Through Christian Temperament Counseling, you discover who you are and how to make that work for you instead of against you.

Summation: Christian Counseling is about helping “you” get “you” out of the way so “you” and God can get about the great things in life that God intended for you to start with.

And what if it is not just about those defeats and emotional distraught items of life?  What if your desire is for something more like boosting your self-esteem; or overcoming the fear of needles so you can go to the Dentist; or becoming a better business person; or setting success goals for your life?  Then the association with a Christian Counsel helps you to know that the word you are getting, the plans you are assisted with and the goals you want to set are done so with God and what is BIBLICALLY RIGHT as the forefront.

Regardless of the area of life you want to work in, knowing that the information and counseling you receive is always in line with the Word of God gives you a sense of moving more positively in the direction that you would like your life to go.