Counseling Methods We Use

Our Methods of Counseling

Achievement Inspired offers individual one-on-one in office sessions at our office in Northeast Texas and we do distance counseling through Skype and other media.  Regardless of your location we can devise a treatment program that fits your needs.

The purpose of any form of counseling is the outcome, not the method. It becomes critical that whatever method is used, that the client be comfortable in the process. There must be peace with discussing sometimes intimate issues in the format.

We are sensitive to the necessity of meeting the clients needs and desires as our outcome is the solution to whatever is being sought.  For that reason, we approch each client in the type of approach in which they are most comfortable.  Following are classifications of these areas with a brief explanation of each.  For additional information contact us with your questions and see other parts of this website.


CHRISTIAN COUNSELING: We mention this first because regardless of whether the client chooses to approach their issue through prayer and scripture or not, it is still the basis to our morals.

Christian Counseling addresses any issue and problem from the same perspective of solutions, while acknowleging that a person’s faith plays an essential role. For that reason, this type of counseling seeks to involve the aspect of faith as an important part in the process of healing behavioral or emotional problems. Christian Counseling acknowledges that Jesus Christ can do a powerful work in our lives to achieve healing and relief.

In addition to cognitive processes, the counseling sessions will be supported with scripture and prayer as is supportive of healing.

CONSULTING HYPNOSIS: It is almost humorous the number of times we are questioned about how we offer hypnosis and Christian Counseling.  If this is one of your concerns, please bring up the question however, so you can get the information to make your own decision.  The short answer is “why not”?

Hypnosis is perhaps the most dynamic method of assisting a person reach the change in their lives they may want.  It is recognized by the American Medical Association, the British Medical Association and the Catholic Church as a beneficial means of counseling.  Unfortunately all the misunderstandings of hypnosis is literally based on wrong information, mostly created by the entertainment media to create drama.

The hypnosis process applied is rated as the most dynamic method of change worldwide.  Check in our site further for information on 5-PATH counseling methods.

Interactive Psychologies: These are the other processes of psychology that create rapid change in a person’s life. We employ questionaires that assist in discovering more about your personality and characteristics.  This information is reviewing with the client as to how certain characteristics are manifesting themselves in the persons life – and ways to overcome or change.  The process uses the benfits of Neuro-Linguistic Programing, Time Line Theraphy, Brain Entrainment Research, and basic counseling techniques.