Christian Counseling differs from secular and other forms of counseling in that it approaches the issues of life and their solutions from a faith based and scriptural perspective.  The Bible is not only God’s word, but was written over a span of 1500 years, by 60 authors, all inspired by the Holy Spirit. The breadth of knowledge held within the Word of God touches every event that we could go through in life. Granted, it may not specifically name the problem, but the source of the issue and the solution can and will be found there.

Just like any form of counseling, there is the need for some level of discovery. The history of life, family and events all play a role in creating negative circumstances. A trained Christian Counselor will be versed in not only the spiritual side of the problem, but the psychological side as well.

You want a professional with an understanding of all the parts of how we operate as a being.  This would include the mind, body and the spirit.

Rev Conger is a Certified Temperament Counselor and Pastoral Counselor with degree training through the National Christian Counseling Association and Ministry International. Temperament Counseling starts with an APS (Arno Profile System) which will reveal and help you understand who “you” are according to how God made the “you” part of your existence.  So many problems experienced by people in life is because their life has fallen into a path that either does not fit who they are supposed to be, or at minimum does not offer them the means to restore themselves from the drain of that life. 

Through the Temperament Counseling approach, your therapist can conduct research into the issues from a better understanding of who you are and are supposed to be. Then the therapeutic procedure is based on Scripture to produce an effective, positive and more rapid results.  The APS has been proven over 97% accurate and effective in over 5000 cases.

Know that your counseling at Achievement Inspired is not faith based through a particular religious affiliation. The counseling is based on the Bible. Information and suggestions are based on the scriptures and not some personal opinion of a counseling individual. Prayer is a part of every Christian counseling process and the insight from the Holy Spirit is always expected and honored.