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Personal Services – Payment, Refunds and Appointment Cancellations Policy

We feel you will absolutely love our services and their benefit to your life.

Your opportunity to schedule an appointment or series of appointments is fully protected by our refund and cancellation policy.  Any appointment cancellation that meets our Cancellation Policy is protected by a 100% money-back return policy.

Here’s how it works…

Credit Card Information and Privacy Policy

No information we collect for services or order processing is shared with any other company or website. Your information is only used to contact you when necessary, or to provide news, special offers or invitations to participate in customer surveys or testimonials. You may opt-out of receiving non-order related communications on our Unsubscribe page.

Credit Card information is only used to bill you for products and services ordered. The AchievementInspired.com website does not store your credit card at any time. Authorize.net, the credit card processor, does store your credit card details which uses your most current card for your recurring purchases or if you choose other subscription services. Services booked by a deposit will have the balance of your payment automatically processed at least one business day before your scheduled appointment time. Should you order a physical product from us, our secure shopping cart uses the latest secure server technology. Your order is submitted and retrieved with a secure connection to our server and remains secure at all times.


If you need or desire to cancel your scheduled single appointment or a scheduled appointment from a package for any reason, is must be at least 24-hours prior to you scheduled time.

Please understand, that your appointment is set for a counselor and their time is reserved strictly for you.  There is no overbooking nor are there clients in waiting that can be moved up. A short cancelation would remove opportunity of income producing work by the counselor.  Our policy of a minimum of 24 hours cancellation is strict and must be acknowledged by you before setting your appointment.

Appointments made through our online booking system creates a client account. You may cancel or rescheduled your appointment as long as the cancellation or reschedule is done at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. Simply log into your account through our website and all your active appointments will be visible.

Two-Day Intensive program requires special scheduling and blocking of all other appointments for the selected time.  The 24 hour cancellation notice DOES NOT apply to the Two-Day Intensive.  Cancellation of a Two-Day Intensive requires a minimum 5 business days advance notice.  Cancellation of a Two-Day Intensive cannot be done through the online system and requires direct contact with our office.


You are entitled to a 100% refund of your deposit and/or your paid in full amount for any unused sessions cancelled within our Cancellation Policy.

If you are cancelling a single appointment that is a part of a package of appointments, that appointment will simply be put back into your package of appointments for later scheduling unless a refund is requested.

If you are cancelling an appointment along with all remaining unused sessions of a purchased package then you are entitled to a 100% refund of the remaining package amount in accordance to the package purchase price policy. The package pricing was offered and sold at a discounted price per session in exchange for initial prepayment. If remaining appointments on a package are cancelled, the used appointments will be back-charged at our standard (not discounted) rate then subtracted from the prepaid amount. The remaining balance after the adjustment will be refunded to you in full.

Your refund request will be processed through our payment center a minimum of 72 hours of your request. Credit and debit card payments will be applied back to your account.  Cash and Check payments will be mailed and returned via check to the address provided in your records or unless otherwise instructed.


Your online appointment may be cancelled by you through your online account by simply logging into your account and cancelling or rescheduling. You should then Email your refund request to info@achievementinspired.com . Please include the words “Refund Request” or “Package Refund Request” in the subject line of your email.

When you communicate with us by email concerning a request for a refund or cancellation, you are agreeing that we can respond to you by email or other electronic means of communication.

Send your written request for a refund or subscription cancellation by first class postal mail to:

Achievement Inspired LLC
Attn: Refunds & Subscriptions Department
PO Box 5794
Longview, TX 75608

Phone:   318-588-8896

(We prefer that refund request not be made by phone.  There is no record and no recorded trail.)

To serve you and others better in the future, it is requested but in no way required that you tell us why you want a refund or cancelled your package. We want satisfied customers.

Please know that cancelling an appointment and requesting a refund does not stop or limit you from scheduling with us at a later date.  We understand that sometimes things in life change.



Your refund request may be emailed directly using the link shown above or through this convenient form.

Cancellation and/or Refund Contact Form