Though frequently used as interchangeable words, there are distinct differences in confidence and self-esteem.  Both are critical to our functioning in the world around us, an achieving our desires of life. The ability of hypnosis and counseling in each area can create phenominal results for individual in order to remove the road-blocks of life.

Confidence is about a belief in one’s SKILL at performing a task or activity. We may lack confidence in our skill at public speaking which creates fear. We may lack confidence in our sports performance which creates lower performance. We may lack confidence in our ability to perform a job, make a sales call, accept a promotion; all causing us to lose opportunities.

Self Esteem on the other had, is our tolerance and acceptance of “self”. It is our ability to make a mistake and move on without the stage of self punishment. It is the appreciation of self that we are all learning and improving in all that we do so that we can recognize and separate our performance from defeat to “I will do better next time”. Poor self-esteem keeps us out of relationships and becoming a part of social environments but mostly it is the foundation of limiting beliefs about yourself.

Improve your either or both your confidence and self-esteem with Achievement Inspired.  We know how to help you.

PTSD  (Post Tramatic Stress Syndrome)

PTSD was first introduced to the world in regard to military personnel returning from active duty.  It related to times of horrific dreams or overreaction to situations due to memories of the previous trauma of war they experienced.  This is still a serious issue and a place as a country we need to assist our veterans. But, PTSD can extend to everyone and into many situations.

By definition, PTSD is a disorder in which a person has difficulty recovering after experiencing or witnessing a terrifying event. Reactions of anxiety and flashbacks can be triggered by other traumatic events. 

This can apply to anyone in disaster related occupation such as first responders or to individual that may have had to witness or be a part of some traumatic experience themselves.

PTSD is not only a living “nightmare” for the individual, but often puts those closest to them at risk also. Remove the effects and results of PTSD with Achievement Inspired.  We know how to help you.


Has your sleep cycles changed? Has it been so long that you don’t even remember what a good night’s sleep feels like. Sleep disorders come in many styles and effects. Entire organizations have been designed around the affects of sleep disorders.

At Achievement Inspired we know how to source the issues behind sleep disorders and create an atmosphere of being able to mange those issues. Get some sleep with Achievement Inspired.  We know how to help you.


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