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Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling services provide counseling with the use of scripture, prayer and temperament counseling only. Why something different? To be honest people have believed so much distortion and misinformation about other methods of treatment, they are confused. Although all our services and modalities are performed under strict Christian principles only, selecting this service simply dictates that no other modalities will be included in your treatment process unless you ask. 

Most issues of change require multiple visits. On the appointment page, there are made available packages of 5 session, discounted when purchased as a package.  *Make note of our cancelation policy when selecting packages. 

Integrative Hypnosis Counseling

Integrative Hypnosis Counseling is our typical counseling sessions. Still based on strict Christian principles, these sessions make use of any and all of our provided modalities that might best support the change and issue you have requested assistance with.

In short, Integrative Counseling is solution focused.  There is no dictation in this process that is any one way of assisting, it is simply about assisting.  Our Christian faith guides all we do, we just use an additional “tool box” to work through to your success.

Most issues of change require multiple visits. On the appointment page, there are made available packages of 5 session, discounted when purchased as a package.  *Make note of our cancelation policy when selecting packages. 

Two-Day Intensive

The two-day intensive program will require a direct contact to our office for scheduling.  The two-day intensive is exactly that.  This process includes testings, therapy sessions, detailed history and much more.  In short the two-day intensive does everything that would have normally been completed over 6 to 8 weeks of single meetings plus more.  This process is normally reserved for our clients that have to travel a distance for treatment in order to conserve their travel burden and expenses. This process does involve some advance correspondence with forms and questionnares to be completed in order to prepare for the most successful and results oriented visit. This process also includes take-home recordings and other support material.

For more information please contact our office and ask about the Two-Day Intensive Program.


In your consideration of rates, it is important that you remember two (2) primary points.

  1. We encourage clients to move forward with the idea that they should complete at least 10 sessions.  It is our mission to make that an even shorter time.  There will be a review after your third session to confirm that you are getting benefit before moving forward.
  2. What is your problem worth? Or better still, what is your problem costing you? Maybe not just dollars, maybe damage to your health, unnecessary anxiety and stress, perhaps pain or more. What would you really give to know that you could make the change you desire? What would make it worth it or not worth it? – Belief that it could really work for you.
    If you have doubts or concerns, let’s set a time to talk. We will be glad to answer your questions.
  • Online Hypnosis Rates – $100 p/hour. Our rates for online one(1) hour session for either Christian Counseling or Integrative Hypnosis. Services require client to have a be somewhat familiar with their own means of accessing an online session.  This may include a computer with camera and microphone, laptop or smartphone.  (If there is assistance needed to get your equipment set up and ready to operate, there is a small additional charge for this service.  Contact our office as to the level of assistance you may need. )
  • Standard Session Rates – $150 p/hour. Our standard rates are for one (1) hour session for either Christian Counseling or Integrative Hypnosis Counseling.
  • 5-Session Package .  You may purchase a ‘package’ of 5 sessions at a reduced hourly rate for in office or online services.  This reduced rate is billed in full one (1) business day or at least 24 hours before the first appointment.  See schedule page for pricing.
  • Two-Day Intensive – $1,595.  The Two-Day Intensive provides at least 6 hours of interactive work per day, allowing for multiple breaks and covers 2 days or a minimum of 12 hours of services. This process also includes prepared take-home support material.

We provide both Christian Counseling and general counseling services and providing those client benefits is our mission. There is understanding that family financial limitations may inhibit those services to some who are in serious need of assistance.  For those persons, we offer reduced fee services which are available on a limited basis depending on the client’s need and staff availability. See our “Reduced Rate Request” webpage for application and to make a request.


Cash check, and most major credit/debit cards are accepted for payment.  Our online booking process allows you the freedom to select your appointment day, time, and hold that appointment with a small deposit. Regardless of when the appointment is made, the balance of the payment will not be charged to your entered card until the business day at least 24 hours before your appointment.

All appointments whether booked through our online portal, via phone to our office or by personal visit require prepayment. Prepayment may be by credit or debit card, check or cash as long as the latter two are in our office at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.  

Appointments may be made up to 12 hours before the scheduled time through our online booking system. Payment for these are required in full at the time of booking and cancellation is not available.

In some cases, provided there is an open time slot, late appointments may happen that do not have a 24 hour lead time and can be paid immediately before the appointment.  This is not preferred as it does not give the counselor time to review your information and properly prepare.  In these rare applications, appointments would require a phone call and direct contact to our office before arriving to confirm if there are any times available.

We are not participating providers for Medicaid, Medicare nor Health Plus.



Our website offers personal counseling, email and newsletter subscription and opportunities to purchase through an online store. Confidentiality and privacy applies differently to each of these areas.  In this section we address the confidentiality and privacy of counseling.  For our privacy and confidentiality policy pertaining to email and store related items, see our Privacy Policy link in the footer below.

As to counseling services we are in support and honor the law that protects the relationship between a client and a psychotherapist. Any information shared in any session from within our office and in other conversations is considered private and information cannot be disclosed without written permission which states specifically to whom information may be shared.

Exceptions apply:

  • If a client intends to cause harm to themselves, I will begin immediately and do all within my ability to work with the client in order to insuring their safety. If there is proof or suspicion that the client will not cooperate, I will take measures provided to me by law in order to ensure their safety even if these actions are without their permission.
  • If within counseling and conversation there is suspected child abuse or abuse to a dependent adult or elder, for which I am required by law to report to report to the appropriate authorities immediately.
  • Should a client be threatening bodily harm to another person or persons, I must notify the police and inform the intended victim.

All of our sessions are recorded in both video and audio for liability purposes and for your safety.  These recordings are private and fall under our confidentiality policy in every way.  The purpose of the recordings are not for therapeutic nor any other purpose other than as mentioned.  All recordings are bulk archived and not reviewed unless there is legal or liability need. There have been requests by some for an audio recording of their session.  If requested, due to the time involved in finding the recordings in the bulk recording then exporting only their portion of the recording to another media, there is a minimum two (2) hour charge at our regular rate for this service. This service is provided only by request.


 Few mental health care groups accept insurance for many reasons. Our services are not covered by health insurance or employee benefit plans. Our services are considered alternative medicine and are not dictated nor governed by government requirements.  Government does not control faith based ministries.

If you are considering using insurance for mental or psychiatric services, you are encouraged to consider some of the negative results.

 Advisors are reluctant to acknowledge insurance from their patients is because of the way that any reported mental treatment documented through your insurance company is required to be recorded on your lasting therapeutic record.

 Notwithstanding your treatment being forever recorded, medical coverage organizations approach the kind of treatment that you get and what your advancement has been. Any subtle elements and private data that your advisor has, your insurance agency would have. In the event that an insurance agency chooses to complete a review on your records trying to forestall extortion, they would approach insights about what occurred amid every one of your treatment sessions and other private subtle elements that patients would regularly want to be left classified. Utilizing medical coverage to get emotional wellness care opens a conduit of your own data to any individual who approaches your record at your insurance agency.

 Additionally, when such an emotional wellness conclusion is documented on your record, it is considered a previous condition. Later on, this could conceivably expand the expenses of your protection or keep you from getting inclusion by and large. When pondering your psychological wellness care in the long haul, this is a central point that ought to be mulled over.

For additional information check the following blog post from 2017:


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