Why Online Hypnosis?

Today’s world is more of a rush than ever before and time becomes ever important.  Online hypnosis offers you all the benefits of working with a trained professional hypnotist, within the comfort of your own home or office. 

  • Greater personal confidentiality by not going to a counselor office.
  • Convenience of not having to travel to your appointment.
  • Saves time by not having to leave your environment.
  • More accessable to a quality professional if none in your area.
  • Feel safer by being in a familiar environment.
  • Weather is never a factor.
  • May feel safer there hypnotist or hypnotherapist of opposite gender.
  • Less embarrasing talking about issues in life.
  • Can still have sessions even when traveling.
  • If no means of transportation, online eliminates need.
  • Better able to work around matching your schedule with your hypnotist.
  • No travel expense.

Certified Online Hypnosis

First Certified Online Hypnotist

In the ArkLaTex Area

In any area of service you want to be assured that your provider holds themselves to a standard of professionalism which provides for both quality of service and your safety.

At this writing only 40 hypnotist around the world have completed a certified training in order to take their professional services to a new method of delivery for the convenience of their clients.  Achievement Inspired and Robert Conger is not only within the first small and focused group, but is the first and only certified with the East Texas – ArkLaTex area. 



How It Works

♦  You will need a computer with a camera and microphone or a smart device such as a smart phone or tablet.

♦  After setting your appointment, you will be emailed a setup process on how to conduct your session.  Quite simply this is a link you can simply “click” to activate the session.

♦  If you are not well versed in computers and online connections, a setup time* will be arranged to walk you through a trial setup for your comfort.

♦  You will need to be in a place where you will not be disturbed, have a comfortable chair, recliner or couch to use and be able to set your computer or smart device so as your consultant can see your upper body once the session start.

Simple – Easy.

*There will be a small one-time charge if setup time is required.

OnLine Process

The online process is little different from being in the office except that you are in the comfort of your own home or office.

Upon setting your appointment you will be emailed a link to information about your sessions and the process of hypnosis. You will also have some minor information forms to complete so your hypnotist will have some background into the area of work you have interest.

In your first online visit there will be additional opportunity for you to relate information about the area of interest you want to work along with a discussion of preferred outcome. Your initial online visit will include a shorter hypnosis session to allow your to experience the process and confirm your ability to move forward.

Should your area of interest require additional sessions, each online session will build on the last and all be inline toward your outcome.

Distress, fears, bad behaviors may be familiar, but you do not have to suffer any longer.  There is a solutions.


Book your appointment now.  Begin to live the life of peace, joy and fullfilment you deserve.

Preliminary Hypnosis Information

The Scientific Truth About Hypnosis

The following three videos should be considered required viewing before your first hypnosis session.  They are divided into three areas to provide a break in attention and also to give some distinction to the areas of information covered.

Each should be considered equally important to your process and should be viewed in their entirety.


   Click the full screen icon in the bottom right corner of each video to see full screen.


The introduction introduces your Master Hypnotist Narrator, the reason behind these videos and their importance.

Viewing Time: 2 Minutes

Part 1 – Hypnosis and the Mind

The first part of this video series is provides an explanation of how hypnosis applies to the mind and how its application can create a successful outcome. You will understand how the parts of the mind works, how your mind protects you and the reason trying to change on your own can be so difficult.

Viewing Time: 17 Minutes

Part 2 – How Change Happens

The second of this video group explains how the mind connects to and affects the physical body.  In this part you will understand “how we got this way” in the first place and how the use of hypnosis can create lasting change in the way you want for your life.

Viewing Time: 19 Minutes

Part 3 – What to Expect

In part 3 you will have a better understanding of what will take place during your visits with your hypnotist or hypnotherapist.  You will also be made aware of how a self-defeat mechanism may come into play and how to deal with that efficiently.

Viewing Time:  10 Minutes

Got Questions?

Send a note now with any quesions you may have about the process of online hypnosis or receiving benefit through hypnosis in general. We are interested in hearing from you.

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