How Will

You Ever

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Does It Seem Like The Pain Will Never End? 

The questions keep coming to your mind like why me? Those demeaning thoughts about are you worth it.  You may have thoughts of fear about how will you make it from here? And no matter where you look, there are visions of everyone else happy. Whether it is the loss of a relationship or the death of a loved one, it seems like days have no meaning and nights seem to never end.

Don’t you think it is time for you to find joy again? 



I am Robert Conger, Master hypnotist and Pastoral Counselor

I have the answer to how to move back to a life of joy and peace.  I can show you, in just a few sessions, that life can have meaning again. Together we will discovery how the void left in your heart can be both healed and filled. Regardless of what happened and how bad it may have been, your were meant to be happy in life. Let me show you how again.

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Divorce Recovery

Getting Over Being Rejected

Forgetting a Lost Love

Being Open to Love Again

Getting Out of a Bad Relationship

Regaining Self-Worth

Overcoming Loss of a Child

Overcoming Loss of a Spouse

Facing the Fear of Loneliness

Discovering New Direction

Overcoming Guilt after a Death

How to Forgive Yourself

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