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You should have received an email confirmation of your appointment from “info@achievementinspired.com”.  If you did not receive the email, please check your junk or spam folder first and if not then please contact us.  The confirmation of your getting our email is important as we will send a reminder email to you about your appointment the day before.

If this is your first time scheduling an appointment with us please check and confirm the following information.

1.  You will soon receive a temporary password for your client account. This is a manual entry from our office so it does not come automatically.  Your user name was requested on your appointment setup form.

2. Your client account can be accessed from the menu in the drop-down choices under Appointment Information and selecting “Account Login”.  Through this account you can edit your profile information and reschedule or cancel (if within the cancellation period) your appointments.

If you are not familiar, please review our cancellation policy in the menu under Appointment Information or by clicking HERE.

3. If these forms have not already been sent to you, we request some other information from you.  You have CHOICES. If you will – please click below to download and view the documents that we will need in your folder. Your choices are:

  • You can download and print the documents to be completed by hand then scan and send or bring them with you to your appointment.
  • OR you can click on the documents, complete them on your computer, print and bring them with you to your appointment.
  • OR you can click on the documents, complete them on your computer, then email them to our office at info@achievementinspired.com.  We will have them for you to sign at your arrival.
  • OR you can just wait.  If you choose this please arrive for your appointment at least 15 minutes early and complete them by hand at our office prior to your appointment.

PLEASE NOTE THIS IMPORTANT POINT.  The forms and information contained therein are important to your successful outcome.  The forms ask what you want to accomplish, ask about some parts of your history and ask even about your medical background.  We are not a medical office, but it is a fact that nothing happens in the body that does not first go through the mind.  Your physical information may provide insight to your successful mental outcome.

Please note this is a long form. When you get down the pages to the Medical History this part DOES NOT need a yes/no on everything.  ONLY complete items that may apply.

When the forms open on your computer, download the form and open.  They can be completed on your computer screen then printed or emailed to the Achievement Inspired office.  Emails are confidential to staff personnel only. 

4. Please review the videos – The Scientific Truth About Hypnosis – prior to your appointment if your visit involves services other than Christian Counseling only.  This video will be important before we do any hypnosis services. If you do not review it before your visit, part of your first visit will be given to seeing the video.  Please make note of any questions, concerns, or curiosities you may have from the video and it will be the first topic of conversation at your arrival.

Note, the total viewing time of the videos is approximately 50 minutes. Please schedule accordingly.

To watch the videos in full screen click the full screen icon on each video. 


The introduction introduces your Master Hypnotist Narrator, the reason behind these videos and their importance.

Viewing Time: 2 Minutes

Part 1 – Hypnosis and the Mind

The first part of this video series is provides an explanation of how hypnosis applies to the mind and how its application can create a successful outcome. You will understand how the parts of the mind works, how your mind protects you and the reason trying to change on your own can be so difficult.

Viewing Time: 17 Minutes

Part 2 – How Change Happens

The second of this video group explains how the mind connects to and affects the physical body.  In this part you will understand “how we got this way” in the first place and how the use of hypnosis can create lasting change in the way you want for your life.

Viewing Time: 19 Minutes

Part 3 – What to Expect

In part 3 you will have a better understanding of what will take place during your visits with your hypnotist or hypnotherapist.  You will also be made aware of how a self-defeat mechanism may come into play and how to deal with that efficiently.

Viewing Time:  10 Minutes

If you have any questions please contact our office.


Please note that we may be in session when you call so if no answer please leave a message and best time to call you back if it matters.





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