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We Help Relieve The Stress & Anxiety of Life*

Advanced Hypnosis Processes

We offer 5-PATH Advanced Hypnosis techniques to assist in resolving  the basis of stress and anxiety in order to create joy for the future.

Christian Counseling

We offer faith based counseling using God’s word with focus on how the Holy Bible offers a life of joy and peace.

Our Goal is to Help Achieve Success

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When people feel stressed by something going on in their world, their bodies react by releasing chemicals into the blood. If their stress is caused by the threat of physical danger, these chemicals can give people more energy and strength which can be a good thing.  But if their stress is in response to something emotional and there is no outlet for this extra energy and strength, this can also be a bad thing.

Our programs are to assist with:

Survival Stress - The response to danger.

Internal Stress - The worrying about things that cannot be controlled or worrying for no reason at all.

Environmental Stress - The stress of noise, crowding, and pressure from work or family.

Fatigue and Overwork - The stress that builds up over time.

Panic & Anxiety Attacks - Sudden episode of intense fear or anxiety.

* We offer therapy based counseling. No two people respond the same way to therapy. 

Single Session Visits

Single sessions are for either Interactive Hypnosis or Chrisitan Counseling. You may make your appointments one appointment at a time and even schedule those appointments yourself through our online scheduler. Each session will build on and continue from the previous session.

Each session will include review, interactive psychologies processes and hypnosis.

$65 – $150 per Session


Our standard rate is $150 per session. Session pricing is based on household income. A session length is one (1) hour.

(See Reduced Rate Information Below) 

5-PATH Package

5-Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis package consists of FIVE SESSIONS (5 one-hour sessions).

The 5-PATH process is a full theraputic hypnosis process that involves is focused at resolving stress issues by uncovering the emotional source and creating  a resolution process.

By far this is the best way to approach true resolution to an issue.


The package price is a $125 discount off the individual sessions by purchasing your sessions in advance.

(Our cancellation policy does apply)

Christian Temperament Counseling Package

The Temperament Counseling Package consists of FIVE SESSION (5 one-hour sessions).

The Temperament Counseling Package is Christian Counseling and includes a Temperament Personality Assessement as established by the National Christian Counseling Assosciation. Successive visits follow a path of scriptural counseling based on the Word of God and applied to a persons personality temperament.


This package price is $125 discount off the individual sessions by purchasing your sessions in advance.

(Our cancellation policy does apply)

Reduced Rate Request Form

Our reduced rate program is based on house hold income and requires a simple application for reduced rate.  The following link will both display the schedule and the form for completion. Upon submittal with an email address or phone number, we will provide you with a discount code to use in all your future appointment scheduling. 

You Are In Good Hands!

Experience, ability and trust are the combined focus of our working with you. 

Stress is an ever growing challenge in households today and we are dedicated to assisting you in relieving that burden as much as possilbe.

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