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Could it be important how a person starts their day?  There is a resounding evidence of yes.  The night and sleep, for the body and mind, is about repair.  The ‘shut down and recharge’ sequence necessary for both physical and mental health.

Having completed one of the repair cycles, the brain an body are now refreshed and initially at least, functioning as a blank program.  The effectiveness and results of the day are now open to direction.  It is the first moments of the day that will set the outcome of that time period, regardless of intent.

What I mean is, there may have been every intention in the world in the day(s) previous to accomplish some task on a given day.  But, if that day is started with worry; concerns of defeat; attention to failures; etc, then the day is so destined.

10 Morning Routines of Wildly Successful Entrepreneurs is an example of what these highly successful people do in their lives.  Find that there may be guidance for you as well.