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As we approach life we are taught – and learn – that the secret to anything we do is in the “how to do it”. We approach our work, our family even our recreation in the attitude if “if I just learn how….”  The problem with this level of thinking is that it is far from being the real basis to success – or peace for that matter.

Give a person with a poor self opinion and a poverty mentality a million dollars, and in 2 to 5 years they will be just as broke at they were before recieving the funds.  Likewise give a person with the wrong mental concept a WAY to make a million dollars and it will never happen. The first step to both joy and success is in the mind.

The 7 Minutes to Clarity is a strategically created program designed for YOUR schedule. A series of 3 recordings, each building on the previous to at least start this correcting process. The recordings are created with correctly languaged statements and backed with entranment music to allow the process to work even more rapidly. 

7 minutes a day for 30 days and your will experience a more peaceful, lower stressed attitude toward accomplishing your future. With a 30-Day money back guarantee, we know you will be completely satisfied with your experience.  


Robert Conger is a certified hypnotist with over 20 years experience, a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programing, an Ordained Minister of the Gospel and was the owner operator of a large service business for over 20 years as well.

Currently he does business employee training, stress reduction classes, operates a private Hypnosis and Pastoral Counseling business while working as a consultant with a large marketing firm. His experience touches every level of business and personal life.

 As a life coach his techniques and work has received remarkable success in the lives of many in areas from personal success to addiction counseling.



The 7 Minute to Clarity program uses two dynamic processes to make the short programs so effective. First the the strategic use of hypnosic language patterns which are best received by the subconscious mind.  Each progam part is designed to build on the previous recording set. In this manner the mind is conditioned to move to the next phase of the process.

Hypnosis language patterns work best in the subnambulistic brain wave state or theta. Normally this is achieved through a longer hypnotic induction to allow the conscious mind to relax and the subconscious mind to take over. Brain Entrainment is a sound wave process that stimulates the activity of theta brainwave in a more rapid method. It works quite simply on the process of rythm.  You may notice – or you may not – a slight pulse of sound in the background.  Completely safe and well proven, this process makes the application of the principle work more rapidly and completely for the user. 

Be sure to allow at least one week for each of the programs before moving to the next one. 
Also, if you want the programs to work for you, do not move to the next program until you have completed sufficient time with the preceding one.  

Track 1 – Preparing the Mind

The first recording is about opening the mind to the ability to reach a level of relaxation and become receptive.  This recording teaches the mind to relax quickly – like at the “snap” of a finger – so that when the next programs come the mind will be ready.

Track 2 – Releasing Old Negative Beliefs

As we go through life, both the “pot holes” of life and the things fed into us by others serve to damage our own thought processes. Although we may not conscously say it, we develop a certain level of “what is the use” thinking.  The second audio is designed to  assist you in giving up those thoughts of defeat.

Track 3 – Open the Future

As mentioned in the preceding audio, the self defeating language of previous failures not only create stress and inhibit life at the moment as well; they stop the ability to dream and desire.  The third audio opens your mind to possibilities.  It entices the thought process to begin to accept ideas and concepts that you can achieve, while letting you know you can achieve them.

7-Minutes to Clarity

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Procrastination Killer

This ebook is the text from a learning series on how to overcome procrastination and move toward your desired outcome.

Procrastination is the one behavior that has killed more dreams, stopped more success and defeated more people than any other. Why do we procrastinate? What can be done to overcome mind numbing procrastination?

This ebook as a free gift to you and support information for the new actions that will be generated from the 7 Minutes to Clarity program.



7-Minutes to Clarity

 Click the “Yes! I Want It” button and open your mind and life to your desires.

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